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    Together we have 32 years of combined experience in the feature film and entertainment industry. Photography has always been an artistic passion for us, providing a creative outlet and means of developing our sense of beauty and aesthetics.

    A Few years back, we both had to sell properties in a severely declining market. We couldn't go below a certain price or we would have lost a lot of money. Our realtors didn't even want to consider listing the properties for the price we required... until they saw the pictures we had taken ourselves. We both managed to sell both properties quickly, and obtained substantially more than what we asked for both properties. That's how the idea about real estate photography came to us.

    We strive to provide our clients with pictures that grab attention and will get traffic through the door. We understand the importance  of people falling in love with the property even before they have set foot in it and the difference high-end pictures can make toward generating sales. 



    "Captivating imagination and hearts"


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